First of All

First of All

Jan 6, 2011


Another rival that has come to Justin Bieber and this summer is that everyone is talking about the young Cody Simpson, born in Australia, specifically the January 11, 1997 on the Gold Coast. As a child he loved music and at age 6 and told his parents what he wanted to pursue, composing with only eight years his first song.

It now has only 14 years, and as I have already earned the nickname 'the Australian Justin Bieber. " It has an impressive voice with which he has managed to captivate the entire country, writes his own songs and also plays guitar.
This young artist has decided to cross the pond and moved to America to pursue his dream of becoming a pop star. At the moment, has already signed to major label Atlantic Records, artists such as Jay-Z or Laura Pausini.
In fact Simpson already has a website that collects and thousands of visits ( ) and where fans can find out how are your songs as well as enjoy their first official videos "Yiyi" which has helped the famous Flo ' Rida.
In You Tube we can also hear other tracks recorded by the young artist soon to be famous, "One" and "Perfect" which certainly threw him to the media attention it has.
I leave the video for "Yiyi"

Cody Simpson

As a kid growing up on Australia's sun-drenched Gold Coast, Cody Simpson used to watch his father play guitar and sing for friends and family at parties and backyard barbecues. Seeing how music brought people together, Cody asked for his own guitar and lessons at the age of seven. After learning a few chords from his teacher, Cody wrote his first song. "It was about putting a diaper on a chicken," he says with a laugh. "Who knows what my seven-year-old brain was thinking?"

Cody's parents encouraged him to keep singing and practicing his guitar. By age 12, he began posting YouTube videos of himself performing covers of songs by artists who inspired him, including Justin Timberlake, Jason Mraz, and The Jacksons. Search for Cody on YouTube and there he is: An appealing blonde 12-year-old accompanying himself on guitar while knocking out stellar covers of "Cry Me A River," "I'm Yours," and "I Want You Back." Cody's YouTube Channel, which has been active since August 2008, now boasts nearly 4.5 million views and has more than 42,000 subscribers.

In 2009, Cody received a message through his YouTube Channel from songwriter and producer Shawn Campbell (Jay-Z, Missy Elliott, Ciara) expressing interest in meeting him. Cody and his father flew to the U.S. to meet Campbell and write and record some tracks. In April 2010, Cody signed with Atlantic Records, which is releasing his irresistible rhythmic pop single "iYiYi" featuring Flo Rida on June 1st. "Flo and I worked with some amazing people including Colby O'Donis, Bei Major and DJ FrankE on my debut single" Cody says. "We came up with something really catchy. And I think everyone can relate to the lyrics. The song is about liking a girl and missing her when she's not around. Who hasn't been through that?"

Cody is currently in the studio working on tracks for his upcoming full length debut on Atlantic Records.

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